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Don’t look for a superman, look for a super team.

This week in Paris, I hosted a session of Agile HR meetup. It’s our autumn edition before I return from Asia for the winter session.

We had more than half of the participants from HR! It’s truly encouraging to have more and more HR coming to share and exchange. It was also liberating to talk about HR from an agile perspective to tackle some of the challenges faced by HR.

While the session is in French, my slides are in English. And I’ve also quoted some specific challenges faced in Europe that Asia may not experience. The slides are the same as Agile Meetup in HK.

Agile HR – Meetup Slides

I also wanted to do a mini workshop on competences but we ran out of time. So for the next session, I’ll be focusing on specific topics such as recruitment, competences, review & feedback and how agile can come into play in these HR topics.

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One thought on “Don’t look for a superman, look for a super team.

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    Posted by Moname | November 19, 2019, 10:55 pm

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